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autoMinder is an integrated, easy-to-use fleet management software solution.


  • Unlimited number of vehicles support.
  • Schedule and track vehicle maintenance schedules, inspections and metrological controls.
  • Keep track of every repair you do on yourvehicles.
  • Maintain a vehicle's history (drivers, status, odometer readings, number plates).
  • Tire assignments and purchases.
  • Improve fleet efficiency.
  • Taxes and installments payments.
  • Data export to XML Spreadsheet (Office/Excel compatible), HTML and text format files.
  • Record fuel purchases in detail and track your vehicle's fuel efficiency (MPG, L/100km).
  • Custom date-based or odometer-based reminders.
  • Vehicle insurance, traffic fines and accidents management.
  • Powerful searching and filtering options.
  • Track an unlimited number of trips per vehicle.
  • Keep records of various vehicle related expenditures.
  • Simple and effective reports.
  • Driver licensing management.
  • Support for metric (km's and litres) and imperial (miles and gallons) measurement system.
  • Multi-Currency.

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