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Keep track of an unlimited number of vehicles.

autominder main window vehicle details
autoMinder main window Add new vehicle details - page 1
add vehicle 2 add vehicle 3
Add new vehicle details - page 2 Add new vehicle details - page 3
add vehicle 4  
Add new vehicle details - page 4  


autoMinder informs you what needs to be done, and when. You'll never again need to worry about missing an important notification.

vehicle expiration status.jpg payments status employee expirations
Vehicle expirations Payments status Employee expirations

>>Current Odometer Readings

Track current mileage of your vehicles. This values are used by odometer-based expirations.

current odometer readings


Using the Licenses window, autoMinder keeps track of the licenses issued for the entire fleet and their validity.



autoMinder helps you effectively manage contracts with different vendors. It keeps and check on the expiry date and alerts for renewal.



Store all your forms in the database, for later viewing and printing.



You can send list and reports, by e-mail, directly from the application.


>>View Invoices

autoMinder allows you to search and display invoice details using the View invoices window.

view invoices




autoMinder allows you to schedule maintenances and add details about completed ones.

maintenances maintenances scheduled
Maintenances windows Scheduled maintenance window
maintenances completed  
Completed maintenance window  




Track and monitor fuel expenses for each vehicle and driver. See the vehicle's cost per mile/km and average fuel efficiency, and save money by easily identifying poorly performing vehicles.



Keep track of all the tire assignments and purchases.

Tires windows  
tires purchase tire assignment
Tires purchase window Tire assignment window


Keep track of all the batterie that were purchased and mounted/dismounted on your vehicles.



To keep downtime to a minimum, autoMinder offers an accident management system containig all the relevant details about the accidents in which your vehicles were involved.


>>Traffic Fines

traffic fines

>>General Notifications

general notifications

>>General Expenses

general expenses

>>Salary Deductions

salary deductions

>>Insurance Polices

Insurance windows  
tires purchase tire assignment
Add insurance policy window Add insurance payment window


Installments windows  
tires purchase tire assignment
Schedule installment window Add installment payment window




Record trips information (departure, arrival, distance, date and time).


>>Metrological Controls

metrological controls


You can save in the database, for each vehicle, an unlimited number of documents, for later viewing and printing from any workstation.

documents management


autoMinder allows you to define users and access rights.


>>Vehicle's History

autoMinder enables you to keept track of all the drivers that used the current vehicle, all it's number plates, all it's statuses and all it's odometer values.

vehicle drivers history number plates history
Vehicle drivers history Number plates history
vehicle status history odometer readings history
Vehicle status history Odometer readings history


autoMinder uses predefined lists for easy data entering.

contacts list tire list tax types list
Contacts list Tires list Tax types list
parts list places list maintenance tasks list
Parts list Places list Maintenance tasks list
locations list employees list vendors list
Locations list Employee list Vendors list


Simple and effective reports.

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